ABOUT US Nord Crown starting from 2002 the art-knives studio existed as a branch of well-known Russian company Kizlyar.

Nord Crown became a separate brand in 2007.

Starting from 2002 the art-knife studio existed as a branch of well-known Russian company Kizlyar.

Experience and skills acquired during these years turned the studio into a separate entity, Nord Crown, that specialises in design and creation of author art knives and custom art knives in limited editions.
The company’s staff includes members of the Artists Union of Russia, best graduates of Art-Industry Academy of Shtiglitz as well as master weapon-crafters of the highest qualification.
A knife ‘Gurza’, developed in Saint-Petersburg received a Golden Medal from the Chamber of Trade and Industry of the USA in 2000.
At the IWA – 2004 a knife ‘Golden Mask’ received first place in the competition for the best collector’s Knife.
The company received a number of diplomas and awards at multiple international exhibitions.
Nord Crown became an official supplier of the Gift Fund of the President of the Russian Federation from 2005.

Our blades - the best decoration of any collection.

Our company produces tourist and hunting knives, elegant dirks, swords, daggers, sabres and more, as well as collections, arts blades wares.
Creation of author knives is a very difficult and laborious process and it requires participation of different specialists, with all actions executed by hand: mechanising everything in this process is not only impossible, but would also ruin the hand-made nature of our products.
It not surprising, in fact many things are indeed unique and exist in one copy, since knives made by hand feature slight imperfections that make a piece truly unique.

As a rule, creation of such a knife starts with an idea and passes several stages. Our ideation process includes participation from the senior engineers, as well as the customers themselves.
Then sketches get ready, to give the idea a more or less material shell.
The design has to pass several stages of review.
Main questions: is it possible to realise in principle, what techniques and materials will be required, how much time will production require?
The next stage is formulating and confirming a production and work plan.
Makers, responsible for one or another workpiece, must confirm that part of work which is done by every specialist corresponds to a sketch and can start coming to life.
After all concordances a dedicated leader starts the project, and then the whole team, including blacksmiths, jewellers, knifemakers, fitters, and others – proceed to work.
Simultaneously, leader is appointing one from responsible for the project, controller’s functions and control above execution of project are included in the task.
The same way artists swords, dirks, daggers and other pieces are born.
Our blades - the best decoration of any collection.

Activity of Nord Crown played a considerable role in becoming of Petersburg's knife arts school.

The Saint Petersburg knife school of arts, is much younger than other established schools like Tula, Moscow and Zlatoust, its traditions are forged in our day, spearheaded by Nord Crown.

The famous city on river Neva, with it’s rich cultural legacy, became a good environment for the bloom of modern knife arts.
Presently no less than ten firms, producing highly artistic blade wares and decorative knife compositions, work here.

Activity of Nord Crown played a considerable role in the establishment of the Petersburg’s knife arts school.
The company establishes itself different from the competitors, yet similar enough to contribute to the common cause of promoting the city’s knife arts school: establish your own path and bring innovation and uniqueness to the craft.
The products of Nord Crown are always different from the knives of other firms due to the original style, non-standard, original appearance blades and the highest quality.


«You touch to the high knife arts, if you have a Nord Crown’s knife.»

Russian Federation

LLC Nord Crown

Saint Petersburg, 55, Malyj pr. V.O.
Tel.: +7 (812) 406 78 95, +7 (906) 26 00 573,
Mob.:+7 (911) 224 10 10,
Site: www.nord-crown.com
E-mail: info@nord-crown.ru


Kizlyar Australia
PO Box 543, Kings Langley NSW 2147
Tel./fax.: +61 2 8678 8194
Mob.: +61 4 1243 9115
Site: www.kizlyar.com.au
e-mail: salesdep@kizlyar.com.au


LLC Empire of Knives DE
Voltastrase 14
90766 Furth


Company Saiga
637000, Pavlodar, 115, Ak. Bekturova
Tel./fax: + 31 8232 0494
e-mail: sayga_2008@mail.ru


M.E. SPILKA s.r.o.
Cs. Armady 1020/14
92 701, Sala
Tel/fax +421 905 876 003
+421 908 761 071
e-mail: mychajlo@zoznam.sk


LLC “Kizlyar Ukraine”
01033, Ukraine, Kiev
6, Pankovskaya street
t.:+38(044) 536 11 14 (15;16)
mob.: +380 66 172-178-5
Site: www.kizlyar.kiev.ua
Email: info@kizlyar.kiev.ua
ICQ: 213 984 882
Skype: kizlyarknives

Czech Republic

LLC Empire of Knives
Za Zameckem 745/17
158 00, Prague-5
tel.: +420 734 823 289
Site: www.e-knives.com
e-mail: info@e-knives.com




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