Shpaga i kortik “Tzar” (Cavalry sword and dirk “King”)

Classic cold weapon. Cavalry sword and dirk are intended for collections.
Blades forged from damascus, decorated engraving by gold. Wood scabbard handles made from by silver, gold.
Pommel and bolster are executed from a bronze, covered by silver, gold.
Wood scabbards in white (jr black) leather. Cavalry sword and dirk produced by small series or even single copy.
Completed with author’s passport; giftwrap.

Overall Length ?? mm
Blade Length ??
Blade Thickness ?? mm
Blade Steel damascus, gold
Process etching
Steel hardness — HRC
Handle bone of mammoth (or ebony) silver, gold,
Construction hidden tang
Scabbard Wood scabbard in white (or black) leather
Weight (Knife only) ??
Weight (with sheath) ??



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