Bare-chested Putin goes fishing and carries knife on his belt.

In August Russian President Vladimir Putin takes Monaco’s Prince Albert II on a fishing trip to Siberia, where he strips to the waist. Photographs from the trip made headlines around the world showing the Russian President answering the call of the wild.

Hanging on his belt Mr. Putin has a knife created by Kizlyar’s Saint-Petersburg branch specializing in high-end quality knives, which has recently been given a new name, the Nord Crown.

Putin has a very good taste for knives. Kizlyar’s knives have received a large number of awards, including Best Art Knife at the German IWA show.
However, the most important award for us is this. It is a great pleasure to see that our knives reached that level when the highest man in the country, President Putin himself, gives our knives to his quests in Kremlin as well as takes pleasure using them himself.

Putin is carrying knife KUNITZA. The blade is of beautiful Damascus steel and the handle is of Karelian birch. The knife is produced by highly experienced masters and can be decorated with silver, gold, different stones and other materials.

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This news is based on the article “Bare-chested Putin answers call of the wild” from Spiegel magazine located at: http://www.spiegel.de/international/

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