On 27 March 2007 Russian President Vladimir Putin gave knives produced by Kizlyar’s Saint-Petersburg branch (now renamed to Nord Crown) to the monks of Shaolin, who were having an official visit in Kremlin.

Shaolin monks were given miniature Tsar-Cannon, Tsar-Bell and Kizlyar Damascus knives. President Vladimir Putin believes that people who devote their lives to martial arts will appreciate these gifts.
“You practise and cultivate martial arts, I would like to present you with the knives, that are collection items” – President said, giving the gifts.”

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Interfax reports:
Moscow, March 28, Interfax – Russian President Vladimir Putin received in the Kremlin on Tuesday the Shaolin monks who performed at the concert that opened the Year of China in Russia the previous day.

“I remember how we met at your monastery, and I remember your wonderful performance,” Putin said at a tea-drinking ceremony with the monks. “It is very good that I have a chance to show you Moscow and Kremlin,” Putin said.

He gave his guests a mini copy of the Tsar-Pushka (cannon), a model of the Tsar-Kolokol bell, albums about Moscow and the Kremlin, as well as Kizlyar Damascus knives.

“You practice and promote martial arts, I would like to give you knives that are collection items,” the president said, handing out the gifts.

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